What is a Swytch Kit?

Product overview

Turn the bike you love electric with ease and at a fraction of the cost of an eBike with our electric bike conversion kit.

Each kit fits straight out the box as we build the motor wheel to perfectly match your bike. If you need a hand fitting, simply book a free video support call with our friendly technical team.

*Note in US and ROW price excludes any state taxes and duty.

Rim & disc brake compatible

Fits almost any type of bike and works with front disc brakes also.

Available in any wheel size

Available for any wheel size, including 26”, 28”, 700C, Brompton 16”, and more.

Choose 15km or 30km range

Choose from the pocket sized AIR (15km 90Wh) or the tablet sized MAX (30km 180Wh)

How does it work?

Basic specs

36V Lithium-ion battery

Built with high-capacity cells to deliver the power you need, time after time.

250W geared hub motor

High-torque motor wheel with no drag so you can cruise freely with the Power Pack on or off.

Sine-Wave Control

Our bespoke sine-wave system uses cutting-edge motor control and efficiency to give you a smooth and quiet ride.

Two range options

Choose from our pocket-sized AIR Power Pack for 15km range, or the larger MAX to get 30km on the road.

Will it fit my bike?

Yes, you can convert your bike!

The Swytch Kit can convert almost every bike, with 13 wheel sizes to pick from. If you don’t see your wheel size you can select our hub-only kit.

Check the side wall of one of your bikes tyres to find the numbers below and match them to our options.

Tyre Marking Examples
Swytch Wheel Wheel Size ETRTO French English
622 28″ / 700C/ 29er 32-622, 38-622, 40-622 700x32C,700x35C,700x38C,700x40C 29x22,28x1.75,28x1-5/8
584 27.5″ 50-584 650x28B 27.5x1.95
630 27″ 50-622, 38-622, 40-622 27x1-1/8, 27x1
590 26″ 37-590, 40-590, 32-590 650x37A, 650x32A 26x1-3/8
559 26" 47-559 26x1.75, 26x1-3/4
507 24" 50-507 24x2.00, 24x1-3/4
457 22" 37-457 22x2.40
451 20" 37-451 20x1-3/8
406 20" 40-406, 47-406 20-1.50, 20-x1-3/4
355 18" 47-355 18x1.75, 18x2
349 16" 37-349 16x1-3/8
Hub only Any Any

For full details on how to check your tyre size please visit our help page

Popular sizes











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Your range options

Our Power Packs explained

  • 700g
  • 25mm x 100mm x 212mm
  • Airplane-friendly
  • 1100g
  • 35.5mm x 100mm x 228mm

What’s in the box?

What’s included

In the box, you’ll get everything you need to turn your bike electric. A Power Pack, mount and bracket, charger, bespoke motor wheel, pedal sensor and a manual.

Power Pack

The Power Pack contains the battery which provides power for your ride


The mount holds the Power Pack and attaches to your bike with the versatile bracket

Pedal Sensor

Detects as you pedal and sends a signal to the control system, triggering pedal assistance


Tops up your Power Pack in as a little as an hour, to get you back on the ride in no time

Motor wheel

Made to perfectly fit your bike, and provides 40nm of torque to boost your ride

How do I fit it?

How it works

Not technically minded? You’re in luck - we built the Swytch Kit with you in mind!

How do I fit it?

Installs in 4 simple steps

Not bike savvy? Don’t worry, we have plenty of resources and a friendly technical team ready to answer any questions.

What is the Swytch Kit?

Turn your bike into an eBike at home

Electrify the bike you love with ease - watch our video to learn more.

Fits in your pocket

Slip it into your pocket or lob it in your bag between rides, plus carry extra Packs with you to ride even further.

Weighs just 700g

The smallest and lightest eBike battery in the world – a truly revolutionary product.

Power on demand

Attach or remove your Power Pack in seconds with the quick-release mount.

Technical details


Battery capacity





2A/3A (fast charging)




Waterproof rating



Dimensions (mm)

W212 x L100 x H25

W228 x L100 x H36


Total added weight

Swytch AIR Kit: 2.2kg
Swytch MAX Kit: 2.6kg

Top speed

Restricted to 25kph/15.5mph in some regions

Motor Wheel

Drive type

Front hub geared motor



Gear compatibility

All gear types, including derailleur and hub gears


Universal Kit: Rim or disc-brake compatible (mount disc on hub motor)
Folding Kit: Rim brakes only


Universal Kit 36 x 12g silver spokes
Folding Kit: 28 x 12g spokes


Silver or black double-walled from PowerRim