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October 2022
"I think this might be one of the coolest bits of tech I've reviewed all year. The concept of converting a standard bicycle into an ebike is nothing new, but British firm Swytch has taken the concept and pretty much turned it into a work of art."
October 2022
"If you want to go down the DIY e-bike route, Swytch makes two different lightweight kits."
October 2022
"Swytch is about as effective a performer and as good value as you can get....there are no real downsides and a lot of pluses."
October 2022
"Weighing in at just 1.5 pounds...Swytch Kit makes it easy to convert any bike into an eBike."
Sept 2022
"New, lighter version of the Swytch battery and mount make this already great e-bike conversion kit even better"
Sept 2022
"The bottom line is that once converted, it's just a really good eBike. I've ridden a lot of eBikes at this point and the Swytch kit is my favourite."
July 2022
"I was already a big fan of the small format battery, but the company has now taken its handlebar-mounted Power Packs to the next level with a totally new battery design"
August 2022
"Swytch’s new conversion kit includes a 700g, smartphone-sized battery that will electrify any bike"
April 2022
"Swytch Technology’s Handlebar-Bag Battery Reduced To iPhone-Size To Convert Any Bike Into Electric Bike"
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Customer Reviews

5 stars

A great eBike kit

This was the lightest and cheapest way I could keep my bike that I love but also get an eBike...I couldn't recommend highly enough!

Cliff, UK
5 stars

Love my Swytch Brompton!

Fitted to my Brompton with no modifications and works like a dream - absolutely love the simplicity of it all!

Mark, UK
5 stars

Got me back on my bike!

This is an awesome product. I added the kit to my old commuter works so well!

Christopher W, US
5 stars

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service, really keen to solve my problem, prompt email replies and even offering a zoom call with a technician.

Paul, UK
5 stars

Installed without a hitch

Easy installation and exceeds advertised expectations.

William, US

Previous Generation Kit Reviews

June 2021
"If you have a bike you love and don’t want to give up...then Swytch could be just the thing."
October 2021
"If you're happy with your current bike ...but want to add a motor into the mix, there's no better option than Swytch."
January 2022
"The Swytch electric bike conversion kit paired with a Brilliant bikes Cooper or Carmen model are fantastic at a much lower price."
July 2021
"Paired with the right bike the Swytch is one of the best city bike electric bikes on the market."
April 2022
"If you're in the market for an ebike and you have a decent standard bike already, it's worth considering the Swytch"
October 2019
"The Swytch is the weirdest little e-bike conversion kit that I actually love"

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