The Swytch eBike kit consists of four main parts. 

  1. Power Pack (containing the battery and controller)
  2. Handlebar connector 
  3. Motor wheel
  4. Pedal sensor


Power Pack

Handlebar Connector

Motor Wheel

Pedal Sensor

The Power Pack fits to your handlebars via the Handlebar Connector. Once connected, it sends power down a cable to the motor wheel which drives you forward.

Swytch Power Pack
Handlebar Connector

You control how much power you get using the LCD display in the top of the power pack. There are up to 9 power levels to choose from.

The system is pedal assist, meaning it provides power as you pedal. The Pedal Sensor fits down by your pedals , it detects when you are pedaling and activates the motor power.

Hub Motor Wheel
Easy-Fit Pedal Sensor

Installation is easy

Watch this video to see how to install the kit – it’s easy to do yourself and should take about 30-60 minutes for the initial install. 

If you don’t fancy it, then there’s no shame in asking a professional. Guide price is £30-50 for 1 hours labor for a professional bike mechanic to do the installation.

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