Pre-Order Taxes and Duties


Does the price include tax?
Swytch is available to buy with delivery to over 40 countries, each with different tax and duty rates. For this reason, all orders processed via our website are exclusive of tax and duties.
How do I pay the taxes and duties?
We will calculate the duties and taxes due prior to shipping, and will invoice customers before delivery. By dealing with this prior to shipping the Swytch Kit can be ‘delivered duty paid’ (DDP) which prevents hold-ups and admin charges at customs.
How much will the taxes, duties & VAT/GST be?
The expected value-added or sales taxes will depend on your location (e.g. 20% VAT in the UK & EU, or 10% sales tax in most USA states)
Because the Swytch kit is just a kit only, as at March 2020, it is not subject to the anti-dumping taxes in the USA or the European eBike duties, so the expected duty rate is 3-5%. We will cap the duties at 5% so you’ll never have to pay more than this in the even of a sudden change in duty policy.
Therefore the estimated total added duties and taxes are as follows:
USA: (7.5% sales tax plus 5% duties) = 12.5%
UK/EU: (20% VAT plus 5% duties) = 25%

Shipping Estimates


When will I get the kit?
We operate a “Made-To-Order” system meaning that we start manufacturing your kit after you place the order. This is what allows us to offer such a significant discount on the RRP for pre-orders.
We guarantee delivery of every kit, to any country worldwide. The estimated manufacturing time is 10-12 weeks from locking your order, at which point we ship the kit to you. Delivery then takes between 2-6 weeks, with final delivery by direct door-to-door courier depending on your location:
  • United States West Coast = 2-3 weeks shipping time
  • United States East Coast = 4-5 weeks shipping time
  • UK & Europe = 4-6 weeks shipping time
  • Canada = 3-4 weeks shipping time
  • Asia-Pac = 1-2 weeks shipping time (Air Freight)
  • Other countries: please enquire


What if there is a delay?

We have 3 years experience now, manufacturing over 5,000 Swytch Kits. Delays are always a possibility but we try to keep them to a minimum and keep customers informed via website updates.

The worst delay we have experience in the last year is a 4 week closure of our factories (due to the Corona virus outbreak). As such the estimated manufacturing time for orders place in November/December 2019, was an increase from 12 weeks to 16 weeks.

Privacy Policy

Read our full privacy policy here



Goods and Service

The Swytch eBike kit is an “electric bike conversion kit”. It is a retrofit kit that upgrades an existing bicycle, it does not include the bicycle.



Cancellation and Refund Policy


Website Pre-Orders

You have the right to cancel a Pre-Order placed on our website at any time during the manufacturing process.

However we politely request that customers do not cancel their order once the order is “locked”, as this causes significant complications for our manufacturing and delivery pipeline.

Your order is “locked” after you have confirmed your exact order requirements in our Order Customisation portal (to which you will receive an invite after ordering). We urge customers to complete their order customisation within 14 days of ordering, at which point we begin to make your kit to order, to your exact requirements. If you cancel after this point we have to find another customer with the same requirements as you, which is sometimes easier said than done especially if you have configured an unusual combination (e.g. rare wheel size).

14 Day refund period: Once your order is delivered, you have 14 days to return for a refund as long as it has not been fitted or used.

INDIEGOGO orders (2019 and earlier)


Orders placed on INDIEGOGO are not eligible for cancellation before delivery for any reason. Please refer to the INDIEGOGO Terms and Conditions.

However, all INDIEGOGO orders are guaranteed to be delivered at the latest within 6 months of the estimated delivery date.

Once delivered, all kits ordered on INDIEGOGO are covered by our 1 year warranty (see warranty terms and conditions below).

INDIEGOGO orders are only eligible for a refund under exceptional circumstances, such as if it is not delivered within 6 months of the estimated delivery date, or if the kit is entirely incompatible with your bike (partial incompatibility will be handled through customer support, and does not qualify for a return or refund)


INDIEGOGO orders are not eligible for return for refund. In some circumstances we may accept a return for exchange.


Faulty Goods

If you believe your goods are faulty please read our Warranty Policy. Then proceed to email us at with the following information: 

Order Number | Damaged Part | Reason for Damage





Warranty and Repairs

Warranty Period

All Swytch orders come with a 1 year warranty from the date of delivery. Activation of the warranty is subject to all customers completing a post-installation checkup with the technical team, to ensure that everything is as it should be and the kit is installed correctly. This checkup can be completed at any time, but the warranty will not be active until it is approved.

Proof of Delivery

Before delivery you will be sent a tracking number for the courier. Please retain this tracking number as proof of your delivery date, the expiry date of your warranty is based on this delivery date.

Proof of Purchase

Please retain for your records at least one of the following (as relevant to your order)

  • INDIEGOGO purchase confirmation email [for INDIEGOGO orders]
  • CrowdOX invoice [for orders placed during the CrowdOX survey]
  • Swytch Website Confirmation Email [for website orders]

Please reference your order number(s) from the above in all communications to do with returns/refunds


Support process and repair approval



Returning your order to Swytch

In order to return the goods to Swytch you will need to have completed an online returns form, or emailed us at

You will then need to package the items for return adequately to avoid loss or damage in transit and obtain a proof of postage. Please include the order reference number in the package (ideally print off your order confirmation which contains details of your order). Items can be returned at your own cost to:

Swytch Technology

Horizon International Cargo

Care of Swytch Technology

Unit 14, 5 Mills Road


ME20 7PP

Swytch will then inspect the goods.

When to expect your refund

As long as the goods are deemed to be unused, Swytch will refund the price paid for the goods within amount days from the date you returned the goods to Swytch.


Unfortunately we are unable to exchange goods – if you have purchased the incorrect size, please cancel or return the order for a full refund and re-order the correct size.

Goods we’re unable to refund

Any goods that do not fall under our warranty policy or are outside of our cancellation and 28 day refund period cannot be refunded.

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