Pre-Order T&Cs

Refunds and Cancellations

Our pre-order payment is a deposit to secure your kit at the stated discount. Once paid and orders are locked, we will start manufacturing your order with estimated delivery times in 12 weeks (standard) from the order lock date. As per our Swytch promise, if you change your mind after placing a pre-order you can cancel and refund your order at any time before delivery.

Once the kit has been delivered, your order is completed. You can still return the product in new condition for a refund within 14 days after delivery. Once an order has left its regional warehouse, refunds are given excluding the delivery fee and the fee to return the product. Unless the kit is refunded due to faulty parts.


UK Customers

Prices are tax inclusive for the UK and Europe

If you are based in the UK (excluding the Channel Islands) or Europe then all prices include 20% VAT and all import duties.

Customers outside the UK


Prices for customers based in Europe includes 20% VAT. For orders placed before 25th October 2021, the price excludes VAT.

USA, Canada, and Australia

Prices for customers based in the USA, Canada and Australia includes duties but excludes local sales taxes. When your kit is due for delivery, local sales taxes may need to be paid for the kit to enter your country.

Rest of World

Local taxes and import duties are excluded from the USD price for all customers outside the UK (excluding the US, Canada, Australia and Europe). This is so that we can offer the same Pre-Order Price to all customers outside of the UK, regardless of your local country’s levels of import duties and sales taxes.

Local taxes and import duties will need to be paid for the kit to enter your country. We have a sales tax calculator at check out which you can use to get an estimate of the total price you will need to pay.

This Pre-Order Price is a deposit that secures your order and is fully refundable at any time before delivery if you change your mind.

How do I pay the taxes and duties?

When your kit is finished and ready for delivery, we will invoice you for any taxes and duties, depending on your country. By dealing with this prior to final shipping, the Swytch Kit can be ‘delivered duty paid’ (DDP) which prevents hold-ups and admin charges at customs.

How much will the taxes & duties be?

The estimated final total for your order, including any local taxes and duties due on delivery, can be found using the tax calculator provided on the order page.

The estimated taxes are calculated as follows and will be liable to be paid at the point of delivery:

United States

Estimated 7.5% sales tax*

*Please note the actual sales tax charged will depend on the U.S. city/state

Rest of World

For all other countries, we will ship your kit via air freight. You will be required to pay duties and taxes to the courier, e.g. DHL, before delivery. They will pass the amounts on to your local country customs department.

The estimated import taxes/duties will be between 0-20% depending on where your country’s local rates.

Shipping Estimates

When will I get the kit?
Accelerated Delivery

Accelerated delivery kits will be delivered in on the timeline indicated on the pre-order page.

Standard Delivery
We operate a “Made-To-Order” system meaning that we start manufacturing your kit after you have placed and confirmed your order. This allows us to bulk order parts for the entire production batch at a reduced price. We pass these cost savings on to customers in the form of a significant discount on the RRP for pre-orders.
We guarantee delivery of every kit, to countries listed worldwide. The estimated manufacturing time is 5-12 weeks from locking your order, depending on your geographical region.
What if there is a delay?

We have 4 years of experience now, manufacturing over 80,000 Swytch Kits. Delays are always a possibility but we try to keep them to a minimum and keep customers informed via website updates, emails and their personal order tracker. When ordering a pre-order product delivery timelines can be extended by circumstances outside of our control.

Privacy Policy

Read our full privacy policy here

Goods and Service

The Swytch eBike kit is an “electric bike conversion kit”. It is a retrofit kit that upgrades an existing bicycle, it does not include the bicycle.

Test Ride Policy

Health and safety

You, the rest rider, must acknowledge the following:

  • You are solely responsible for any decision as to their fitness to participate in testing
  • You are a competent cyclist
  • You are not suffering from any medical condition or disability which is likely to adversely affect normal control of an electric bicycle or might make it unsafe for you to participate in any bicycle testing
  • Your eyesight is up to the standard required for a road driving test
  • You are not under the influence of alcohol or any legal or non-legal substances that may impair my judgment or ability to cycle safely
  • Riders acknowledge that cycling can be dangerous and acknowledge the risks involved and that Swytch have taken all reasonably practical steps to minimise risk
  • Riders acknowledge that they have a duty of care to other users of the track and organising staff and will not behave in a manner that could endanger them
  • Riders acknowledge that they will be riding a bicycle owned by Swytch and they could be held responsible for the payment of any damage caused to the bike or other equipment because of wilfully dangerous cycling or negligence on their behalf.

Use of footage

By taking a test ride with us, you opt into an agreement between the Company and you, the test rider, whereby it is agreed that you hereby irrevocably grant to the Company and their successors and assigns and to such other persons as the Company may designate from time to time, the absolute right and permission to my performance for inclusion in Swytch (the Company) commercial(s) including all alternative edits, cutdowns, and revisions and alternative shots.
You confirm that you yourself acting as your own agent will accept no fee for the performance which you accept as being the complete fee due to you for participating in the above commercial.
You accept that there is no payment given to yourself for the above services on all forms of media, for all uses, worldwide and in perpetuity and that having signed this you have no further claim whatsoever.
You hereby waive all moral rights that you may have to inspect and/or approve the finished product or the advertising copy that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied and you agree to keep confidential all details connected with the above shoot and product and you will not at any time utter, publish or cause to be published by way of any media any comments likely to discredit the Company.
You know of no legal or other reason why you should not enter into this agreement.
You confirm that you are a resident of the UK and domiciled in the UK for the purposes of tax liability.
You understand that this document is legally binding & governed by English law.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Website Pre-Orders

You have the right to cancel a Pre-Order placed on our website at any time during the manufacturing process, and recieve a refund in the original purchase currency.

However we politely request that customers do not cancel their order once the order is “locked”, as this causes significant complications for our manufacturing and delivery pipeline.

Your order is “locked” after you have confirmed your exact order requirements in our Order Customisation portal (to which you will receive an invite after ordering). We urge customers to complete their order customisation within 14 days of ordering, at which point we begin to make your kit to order, to your exact requirements. If you cancel after this point we have to find another customer with the same requirements as you, which is sometimes easier said than done especially if you have configured an unusual combination (e.g. rare wheel size).

14 Day refund period: Once your order is delivered, you have 14 days to return for a refund, in the original purchase currency, as long as it has not been fitted or used, excluding two way delivery fees.

INDIEGOGO orders (2019 and earlier)

These terms and conditions are not applicable to orders placed on INDIEGOGO, in the case of any INDIEGOGO orders please refer to their terms and conditions for contributions on IGG campaign pages here: https://www.indiegogo.com/about/terms

Faulty Goods

If you believe your goods are faulty please read our Warranty Policy. Then proceed to email us at [email protected] with the following information:

Order Number | Damaged Part | Reason for Damage

Warranty and Repairs

Warranty Period

All Swytch orders come with a 1 year warranty from the date of delivery of the kit. Activation of the warranty is subject to all customers completing a post-installation form, by submitting photos and videos of your installed kit. Our technical team can then review the submission to ensure that everything is as it should be and the kit is installed correctly. This checkup can be completed at any time, but the warranty will not be activated until it is approved.

Proof of Delivery

Before delivery you will be sent a tracking number for the courier. Please retain this tracking number as proof of your delivery date, the expiry date of your warranty is based on this delivery date.

Proof of Purchase

Please retain for your records at least one of the following (as relevant to your order)

  • INDIEGOGO purchase confirmation email [for INDIEGOGO orders]
  • CrowdOX invoice [for orders placed during the CrowdOX survey]
  • Swytch Website Confirmation Email [for website orders]
  • Receipt of purchase from the physical store you bought from (if bought from a retailer other than Swytch Bike)

Please reference your order number(s) from the above in all communications to do with returns/refunds

Support process and repair approval

Returning your order to Swytch

In order to return the goods to Swytch you will need to have completed an online returns form, or emailed us at [email protected].

You will then need to package the items for return adequately to avoid loss or damage in transit and obtain a proof of postage. Please include the order reference number in the package (ideally print off your order confirmation which contains details of your order). Swytch will then inspect the goods.

When to expect your refund

As long as the goods are deemed to be unused, Swytch will refund the price paid for the goods in line with your bank’s usual processing times, usually within 10 working days, from the date you returned the goods to Swytch.


Unfortunately we are unable to exchange goods – if you have purchased the incorrect size, please cancel or return the order for a full refund and re-order the correct size. If you have purchased the wrong wheel and it has been delivered, we can arrange a wheel swap, but you will be required to cover the two way shipping costs.

Goods we’re unable to refund

Any goods that do not fall under our warranty policy or are outside of our cancellation and 14 day refund period cannot be refunded.