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Brompton Swytch eBike Conversion Kit

Convert ANY Brompton folding bike into a state-of-the-art eBike with 250W power, 15MPH top speed, and up to 50 miles range.

This is the only system in the world that is specially designed around the Brompton so that absolutely no modifications are required, and anyone can easily fit it. Choose Swytch for complete peace of mind.

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How it Works / How to Fit

The  Swytch Brompton eBike kit turns any Brompton Folding Bicycle into a premium folding-eBike with 250W power, up to 50 miles range, and less than 4kg added weight keeping your bike lightweight and fun to ride!

The only kit in the world that fits to Brompton without any modifications - simply fit it and GO!

Can be removed at any time, restoring the Brompton to its exact original condition

It is a simple and easy to use system - simply replace your front wheel with the Swytch Brompton motor wheel, connect the easy-fit power pack and pedal sensor, and you're good to go! It assists you as you ride with 250W extra motor power helping you climb hills and go further and faster.

Key Features


  • Customised specifically for Brompton
  • Silent but powerful 250W hub motor wheel
  • Lithium-Ion battery technology giving you power for up to 50 miles
  • Instantly removable power pack weighing just 2.5kg
  • Pedal assist or throttle modes (throttle available separately, for off road use only)
  • Fast charging: Recharge fully in just 2-3 hours (25 mile version) or 4-5 hours (50 mile version).

Mechanical Specs

Drive Type

Front hub geared motor

Dropout Width

74mm (specifically for Brompton)

Gear compatibility

Compatible with single speed, 3speed and 6speed Bromptons



Top Speed

Limited to 15MPH 
(can be de-limited to approx 18MPH)

Added weight

3.9kg (25 mile kit) / 4.7kg (50 mile kit)


Compatible with Brompton rim brakes


28x 12g silver spokes


Silver, double walled from PowerRim


Electrical Specs

Motor specs

250W Brushless DC geared motor (30Nm torque)

Battery Capacity

25 mile kit:

36V 5Ah = 180Wh

Expected range 25 miles at 125W average power output. 10-15 miles at constant maximum power 250W.

50 mile kit

36V 10Ah = 360Wh

Expected range 50 miles at 125W average power output. 20-25 miles at constant maximum power 250W.


36V 6MOSFET Sine Wave 15A controller

Battery Tech

Lithium Ion 18650  2600MAh cells 800-1,000 expected cycles before capacity reduction


2A 36V charger with USA plug 3-4 hour charge time (4-5 hours for 50 mile battery)

USB output

5V USB output for phone ch arging

Front Light

Integrated front light, 200 lumens

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9 Power Levels

Lithium Ion Battery

50 Mile Range

USB Output for Mobile Phone Charge

5-6 Hr Charge Time

200 Lumen Front Light

100% Weatherproof

12 Blade Connection

Easy Fit in minutes

Front Dust Cover Included

250W Front Hub Moror


Silver Rims

Silent Motor

High Torque

Magnetic Disc Sensor

Easy Fit in seconds

The heart of the patent-pending Swytch system is the all-in-one power pack. Never before has converting a bike to electric been SO simple.

All of the complex parts to the conversion that normally require installation in different places all over the bike, are now contained within a compact lightweight unit that is instantly removable

It contains the lithium battery, power electronics to drive the motor, a front bicycle light, USB charging output, AND an advanced LCD display. Check out this video to see all the features in detail.

Riding your bike will never feel the same again (in a good way). You can go further, faster, and enjoy your ride than ever before.

And any time you do want to just ride natural, simply unclip the power pack and the bike is back to normal, simple as that!

The zero drag motor means there is no friction when riding like normal, and the added weight of the motor itself is just 1.5kg so hardly noticeable.

Twist Throttle

Motorbike style twist throttle that fits to your handlebars. Twist and go to get motor power on tap! Off-Road use only.

Thumb Throttle

Lever style thumb throttle that fits to your handlebars. Twist and go to get motor power on tap! For Off-Road use only.

Inline Brake Sensors

Extra safety for bikes with regular cabled brakes - feed the brake cable through for instant motor cut-off when you brake.


Bromptons have 16" wheels, and our Brompton kits are customised exactly to match these. So your existing Brompton tyre should fit instantly to the new Swytch motor wheel.

If you have a 20" bike with narrow forks (e.g. Dahon) then you can order the Brompton kit with a custom wheel build. In this case please read our full FAQ for help with checking the wheel size.

Read full FAQ for more info and how to check your wheel size


The quoted range is based on medium usage (using it power level 5/9), and with pedalling too.

The actual amount of range you'll get depends on many things, including how much you pedal!

Read full FAQ for more details


We deliberately designed the power pack so that it can't be locked in place, as this might just encourage thieves to vandalize or break it to steal it.

Instead, it's super easy to pop off and take with you.


The top speed of our regular kits is limited to 15Mph to comply with UK and EU laws.

The off-road high power kit can be de-restricted for up to 30MPH for off-road usage only.

Is 250W enough power?

Our 250W motor has 30Nm torque, which is a lot! It's similar to an adult's leg power, so you are basically doubling your power.

You can climb typically up to a 20% gradient without any sweat, and pull a load of 100kg or more along a flat.

Tools Required

Just a couple of allen keys and a spanner, that's it!

Plug and Play

The full kit arrives pre-assembled and ready to go. The wheel is built to your wheel size, and the power pack is charged and ready to use.

1) Swap the wheel

Step 1 is to simply swap your regular wheel with the Swytch motor wheel. You'll need to swap the tyre over too don't forget!

2) Fit the handlebar mount

Next, just fit the handlebar mount to the handlebar and tighten it securely.

3) Fit the pedal sensor

Clip the magnet disc onto the pedal, and stick the sensor to the frame. The sensor detects when you're pedalling because the magnet disc moves past it. That way, when you pedal the motor can activate.

And you're off!

Just clip the power pack onto the bracket and you're ready to go!

How to Fit: Installation Video

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