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Product Info

  • Technology
  • Add-Ons
  • How It Works
  • In the Box
  • Installation
  • Specifications
  • High Torque Brushless Motor

    Conquer any hill with the high torque Swytch electric bike conversion kit hub motor.

    Rated for 40Nm it has enough pulling power to drag the average adult up a 30% incline without peddling.

    Lithium Ion Power Pack

    It may be small and lightweight but it packs a punch. The Swytch power pack is equipped with a 250W lithium-ion cell battery connected to a sine wave brushless motor controller. It will last you up to 50km on one charge, and charges in just 3 hours.

  • Wheel Size, Add-Ons
    and Accessories

    Choose these in our Order Portal, after ordering.


    After you place your pre-order, you will receive an invite to our Order Portal where you can confirm your wheel size, choose accessories and add-ons.

    Custom wheel build in any size

    We build the wheel in any size to match your bike. Confirm your wheel size after you order via our order customisation portal.


    i Select your wheel size after placing your order, via our order customisation portal

    Black colour finish: motor, rim & spokes

    Our regular motors come with silver motor, rim and spokes as standard. If you need to adjust the colour to all black with black motor, rim and spokes, to match your bike, we offer this as an affordable customization option so that your front and back wheels match.

    £40* £80

    • GBP
    • USD
    • EUR
    i Available to purchase as an add-on after placing your order, via our order customisation portal.

    Extra PRO Power Pack (50km)

    Increase your range by 50km with a spare PRO power pack to carry with you.

    £250* £500

    • GBP
    • USD
    • EUR
    i Available to purchase as an add-on after placing your order, via our order customisation portal.


    We offer four popular accessories to enhance the conversion kit.

    1. Twist throttle: fits to your handlebars and provides an on-demand power boost at the twist of the wrist.
    2. Thumb Throttle: a more compact throttle, with a simple thumb-lever. Recommended if there is limited space on the handlebars.
    3. Wired Brake Sensors: feed your brake wires through them to provide immediate motor cut-out when you break.
    4. Hydraulic Brake Sensors: compatible with hydraulic brakes.

    £25* £50

    • GBP
    • USD
    • EUR
    i Available to purchase as an add-on after placing your order, via our order customisation portal.
  • How it Works

    Riding a Swytch bike couldn’t be easier. As you pedal, the sensor detects your pedaling and sends the signal to the power pack. The power pack calculates the optimum power required, and delivers it to the motor in the front wheel.

  • What’s in the box

    The Swytch kit includes absolutely everything you need to convert your Brompton. It includes a complete motor wheel in any size, built to order. The battery is included inside the power pack, which also contains the controller and electronics. You also get the handlebar connector, the pedal sensor, battery charger, and an instructions manual. That’s all you need, because the Swytch kit is just that simple!


  • How to fit

    The Swytch kit is easy to fit, no specialist tools are required. Just take off your old wheel and replace it with the new Swytch motor wheel. Then fit the pedal sensor by the pedals, and put the connector onto the handlebars (it fits to ANY handlebars). Then, simply click on the power pack and you’re good to go!

  • Mechanical Specifications

    Drive TypeFront hub geared motor
    Dropout Width80mm (for Brompton and other narrow forks)
    Gear compatibilityCompatible with any type of gearing, including derailleur and hub gears.
    Top SpeedLimited to 15MPH
    (can be de-limited to approx 18MPH)
    Added weight3kg
    BrakeRim brakes only
    Spokes36x 12g silver spokes
    RimSilver, double walled from PowerRim


    Electrical Specifications

    Motor specs250W Brushless DC geared motor (40Nm torque)
    Battery Capacity[35Km kit]

    36V 5Ah = 180Wh

    Expected range 35Km at 125W average power output. 10-15 miles at constant maximum power 250W.

    50 Km kit

    36V 7Ah = 250Wh

    Expected range 50 km at 125W average power output. 20-25 miles at constant maximum power 250W.

    Controller36V 6MOSFET Sine Wave 15A controller
    Battery Tech[35 Km version] Lithium Ion 18650  2500MAh cells

    [50 Km version] Lithium Ion 18650  3500MAh cells

    800-1,000 expected cycles before capacity reduction

    Charger2A 36V charger with USA plug 3-4 hour charge time (4-5 hours for 50 mile battery)
    Front LightIntegrated front light, 500 lumens

Order Process

  • 1


    2-3 days after you order, we will email you a unique link to our order customisation portal where you can:

    • Confirm your shipping address
    • Choose your wheel size and specs
    • Choose upgrades and add-ons
  • 2


    Once your specifications are confirmed we will custom-build your kit.

    Your kit will arrive complete, including the wheel, so that installation is extremely easy.

  • 3 Months estimated delivery time


    We will ship direct to any country worldwide via a door-to-door courier service (UPS, DHL or Fedex).

    Local country import taxes and duties will be payable before delivery, and will be dependent on your shipping location. Check here for more information.

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Lifetime Service

1 Year Warranty Free

No questions asked full service for the first year.

Quick dispatch of replacement parts, or collection for repair if anything goes wrong.

Unlimited and free video calls with our qualified technicians.

*All customers must complete a 5 minute installation check-in call with a Swytch engineer to make sure the kit is fitted correctly to validate the warranty.
Lifetime Support Free

No customer is ever left behind. Once you’re a Swytch Customer you will receive lifetime support and access to our latest products at a significant discount.

Even after your warranty expires we will continue to support you, with cost price replacement parts and free technical support and service.

*All customers must complete a 5 minute installation check-in call with a Swytch engineer to make sure the kit is fitted correctly to validate the warranty.

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