What Bike Kit Should You Pack for Your Ride?

When you set off on a bike ride, there are a number of important factors to consider. 

First, you must complete your bike checks. Then you must make sure everyone is wearing their safety gear, including making sure the kids are wearing their helmets correctly.

However, there are also a number of essentials you should always pack to ensure you are ready to deal with any issues.

Puncture Repair Kit

It might seem obvious, but you should never leave on a bike ride without a puncture repair kit. Especially if you’re planning a long ride.

Your puncture repair kit can mean the difference between reaching your destination and a long walk.

Always make sure your puncture repair kit is fully stocked, too. You don’t want to find you’ve got a puncture only to realise you’ve run out of glue.

Bicycle Pump

Another obvious one. Your bike pump is also essential. You can also get pumps that attach to your bike frame, so you have no excuse if you forget it!

Your pump goes hand-in-hand with your puncture repair kit. So, if you forget one, the other is pretty useless (unless you have a really slow puncture, in which case your pump will be fairly helpful).

First Aid Kit

If someone takes a tumble from their bike, you need to be able to remedy any injuries as quickly as possible. Especially if it is a serious mountain biking fall.

If you plan to hit the trails, then obviously you are going to be hurtling down rocky mountain sides at top speed. This can make the danger of injury all the more real, so packing something along the lines of what Lifesaver supplies is a good idea.

However, if you are planning on going on a ride of any sort, at least pack a basic first aid kit to mend any cuts or soothe stings.

Food and Water

For longer rides, staying nourished is imperative; you’ll never get up that steep hill if you don’t have the carbs to burn or you’re not hydrated enough.

Always pack plenty of water. A water bag is always a good option, or a large bottle fixed to your frame. Likewise, pack something that can give you a burst of energy. A banana and a cereal bar is a great way to access quick carbs.

A Basic Essentials Kit

These are all things that should form part of your essentials when you leave on a bike ride, aside from your safety gear.

Keep on top of your puncture repair kit and pump, these keep your bike in check. The first aid and nourishment are to keep you in check.

Steven Knight

Written by @tom on April 18, 2021