Universal eBike Conversion Kit


Convert ANY bike into an eBike with the world’s smallest and lightest eBike conversion kit. Easy to install on most bikes including road bikes, hybrid bikes, MTBs, Fixies, Step-through bikes… and many more.

Compatible with rim brakes AND disc brakes.

Easy Installation
Up to 50km Range
Up to 20 Mph Max Speed
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Kit Comparison. ECO or PRO?

We recommend the ECO kit for buyers in the UK / EU who are on a budget.

  • The top speed is limited to 15mph, which is the legal limit in the EU and UK.
  • Quality 2500mAh cells, total capacity 5Ah offering up to 35 km range.
  • One colour option only – silver motor and spokes.

We recommend the PRO kit for buyers who want more range and customisation

  • The top speed can be limited to 15 mph OR de-restricted up to 20 mph
  • Upgraded 3500mAh cells, total capacity 7Ah offering up to 50 km range.
  • Two colour options, black or silver.

Order Now, Customize later

After you order your eBike conversion kit, we will send a customization survey where you can choose:

  • Wheel Size (we can build the motor wheel in ANY wheel size for you). If you need help checking and confirming your wheel size we will be happy to help, and offer a free video call service.
  • Top speed (if you order the PRO eBike kit, you can choose between 25kph or 32kph top speed)
  • Colour (if you order the PRO eBike kit you can choose between silver or black colour).

Once your configurations are confirmed we will begin building your kit to order.

Product Details

High Torque Brushless Motor

Conquer any hill with the high torque Swytch electric bike conversion kit hub motor.

Rated for 40Nm it has enough pulling power to drag the average adult up a 30% incline without pedalling.

Lithium-Ion Power Pack

It may be small and lightweight but it packs a punch. The Swytch power pack is equipped with a 250W lithium-ion cell battery connected to a sine wave brushless motor controller. It will last you up to 50Km on one charge, and charges in just 3 hours.

How it Works

What’s in the box

1 Motor Wheel

Complete wheel with spokes, rim and tape

Any size including 20″, 24″, 26″, 27.5″, 28″, 700C

Geared brushless motor with zero drag

Fits into all standard 10cm wide bike forks

2 Power Pack


All in one, instantly removable

Lithium-Ion Battery up to 7Ah 40 Miles range

Brushless motor controller

LED display with 5 power levels

3 Handlebar Connector

Patented Universal Design

Fits easily to any handlebars

Integrated electrical connections

Instant connectivity

4 Pedal Sensor


2-part clip on magnet disc

Stick-on Hall effect cadence sensor

Robust waterproof design

12 magnet system for smooth riding

5 Charger

3 hour charge time

2A Charger

UK / EU / USA plug compatible

Safety certified in USA and EU

6 Support & Community


Free video call support

Online walk-throughs and how-to videos

Swytch forums and discussion

Rewards for “Super Backer” customers

How to Fit

The Swytch kit is the easiest conversion kit on the planet to fit.

Simply remove your regular wheel, and replace it with the Swytch motor wheel.

Then fit the pedal sensor and connector bracket, connect it all together, and you’re good to go!

Installation typically takes 10 minutes and then you can Swytch instantly between bike and eBike thanks to the patented quick-connect bracket mechanism and removable lightweight power pack.

Watch on YouTube

Mechanical Specs

Drive TypeFront hub geared motor
Dropout Width100mm (suitable for standard bicycle forks)
Gear compatibilityCompatible with any type of gearing, including derailleur and hub gears.
Top SpeedLimited to 15MPH
(can be de-limited to approx 18MPH)
Added weight3kg
BrakeRim or Disc brake compatible (motor is equipped with a mount for screwing on the disc-brake disc to it)
Spokes36x 12g silver spokes
RimSilver, double walled from PowerRim


Electrical Specs

Motor specs250W Brushless DC geared motor (40Nm torque)
Battery Capacity[35Km kit]

36V 5Ah = 180Wh

Expected range 35Km at 125W average power output. 10-15 miles at constant maximum power 250W.

50 Km kit

36V 7Ah = 250Wh

Expected range 50 miles at 125W average power output. 20-25 miles at constant maximum power 250W.

Controller36V 6MOSFET Sine Wave 15A controller
Battery Tech[35 Km version] Lithium Ion 18650  2500MAh cells

[50 Km version] Lithium Ion 18650  3500MAh cells

800-1,000 expected cycles before capacity reduction

Charger2A 36V charger with USA plug 3-4 hour charge time (4-5 hours for 50 mile battery)
Front LightIntegrated front light, 500 lumens [50Km kit only]


Where do you ship to?

The Swytch kit ships to the UK, EU and USA with very competitive shipping rates via next-day couriers like DPD or Fedex. We can also ship to the rest of world but significant additional charges for air-freight will apply.

Is it available now?

The new smaller lighter version of the Swytch kit is about to be released – the first people to place a pre-order will get up to 50% discount.

The launch date is Monday 7th October, so if you want to get the best deal sign up now and stay tuned for the launch countdown. The 50% discount is available only for the first people to order, strictly limited quantities at this discount.

Do you still sell the original Swytch kit?

The original Swytch kit with 50 miles range, in-built LCD display, and 500 lumen front light is now undergoing re-development to increase the battery capacity to 14Ah 100Km range.

It will be available as an upgraded power pack option soon after we launch the new 40 mile kit.

Does it recharge as you pedal?

Our system doesn’t offer regenerative braking, because for cycling it’s pointless. 80% of the energy is used to push air out the way, so by adding regen braking the increased range would be minimal.

Instead we use a geared brushless motor that has zero drag so that you can still ride your bike like a regular bike even with the power pack off. If we added regen braking then the motor would always be dragging against your pedalling even with the power off.

Is there any drag?

We use a silent, smooth and frictionless geared brushless motor. So with the power pack removed you can still cycle like normal

How much does it weigh?

The motor weighs 1.5kg, and the power pack weighs 1.5kg, so the added weight is just 3kg!

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