Make The Swytch - Swytch Bike

The World’s Best Selling eBike Kit

and no wonder… it’s truly one of a kind


Just 1.5kg added bicycle weight
Plus 700g grab-and-go Power Pack


High-torque frictionless motor
Climb 30% gradients easily

Easy to Fit

Electrify the bike you love with ease
Anyone can fit it to any bike in minutes

4.77 average
100+ reviews on

Universal eBike Kit

turn ANY bike into an eBike
4.8 average

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Now Anyone Can
Afford a Top Quality eBike

Electric bike conversion kits turn a regular bike into an electric bike. They typically consist of a battery, motor, motor controller, user display, and pedal sensor, plus various other parts and bits of cabling. Together, once fitted onto your bike, they allow it to provide power assistance as you ride, letting you go further and faster.

The Swytch eBike Kit is unique by simplifying the installation process – doing away with all the complex parts and wiring involved with other eBike kits. You instead get just 4 parts, all super easy to fit. This means that now anyone can get a top quality eBike, typically worth £2,000 or more, for a fraction of the price.

The Swytch Kit allows you to easily convert any bike into a top quality eBike, without the hassle, without the stress, and with complete peace of mind because we have top quality international support. If you have any issues we will video call you and one of our engineers will get you sorted right away.

World-Leading Innovation


Oliver – CEO


Dmitro – CTO

The Swytch eBike Kit is the result of over 5 years of development and refinement by our co-founders Oliver Montague (CEO) and Dmitro Khroma (CTO). Both engineers by training (with degrees from Oxford and Bristol University) they previously worked together in Cambridge for a world-leading engineering consultancy developing cutting edge technology for other companies.

Swytch is changing the way people move. We fundamentally believe that travel shouldn’t damage our planet, so we’ve made it our mission to make electric transport available to everybody. There are 1.1 Billion bicycles in the world. Of which 99% can be converted with Swytch. Let’s make it happen together.