What Is My Wheel Size?

This is the most common question we get asked – so here’s a handy FAQ post to help you be absolutely sure of your wheel size before you buy.

Quick Note: The most common wheel sizes are 26″ and 28″ , we offer these sizes as standard. If you have a different wheel size, you need to order the “custom build” option.

Option 1: Ask where you got it from

If you bought the bike online:

If you bought it recently and the bike details are still online where you got it, e.g. from Halfords.com then just go find the link and check the specifications.

There will be a “specifications” section, and inside the specs table there is usually information on the specific Wheel Size

If you bought the bike from a shop

Why not just call up or visit the shop where you got it and ask them to tell you?

Option 2: Check yourself on the Tyre Markings

Most bikes tell you the wheel size right there on the tyre.
Below is a summary of the most common tyre sizes and what markings to look for:


28″ Wheels

28″ | 29er | 622 | 700C = If you have any of these markings then your tyre is 28″/700C

26″ Wheels

26″ | 559 | 650C = If you have any of these markings then your tyre is 26″

Option 3: Ask Us!

Why not send us some photos of your bike? Or even better send a link to where you got it from and/or the name and model. We’ll be happy to help check what the wheel size is for you.

Just email support@swytchbike.com

Option 4: Measure the Rim Diameter

Measuring the metal rim diameter of the bike wheel is the best way to determine the specific size of the wheel

Note, the diameter of the bicycle rim is NOT the same as what the wheel is called. E.g. if you have a 26″ bike wheel, the measurement 26″ relates to the outer diameter of the tyre, not the rim.

This image below summarises different common rim diameter measurements and what wheel size they correspond to:

Remember the name of the wheel size = tyre diameter

Remember when measuring, it’s the diameter of the TYRE that matches to the wheel size name, as shown in the image below:

Bike Enthusiasts – read this:

If you’re a bike enthusiast you’ll notice we’ve simplified things ever-so-slightly to make it easy for people that aren’t familiar with bikes to check their wheel size.

If you want to talk details, then we recommend first you refer to this detailed wheel size guide and tell us which exact wheel you have based on this: