NEW ATLAS - "Top 10 most innovative cycling products of 2019" - Swytch Bike

NEW ATLAS – “Top 10 most innovative cycling products of 2019”

“One of the great things about bicycles is the number of open-minded inventors they attract, who think, “Maybe it would work better if we did it this way …” The past year saw a bumper crop of the resulting products – here are our picks for the 10 most innovative.

[Written by Ben Coxworth, New Atlas]

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Published on 5th December

Ben Coxworth said about the Swytch Kit

“Instead of switching right over to a full-time electric bicycle, many people are now opting to just add an electric-assist setup to their existing bike when needed. The updated version of the Swytch Kit is claimed to be the lightest and smallest such system available.Like its predecessor, the new Swytch Kit consists of a 250-watt hub-motor-equipped front wheel that stays on the bike full-time, a handlebar-mounted docking station, and a battery/electronics-containing waterproof “power pack” – that pack quickly clicks in and out of the docking station, allowing users to rapidly switch between regular-bike and e-bike modes. As compared to the original model, however, this latest one is reportedly 70 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter.”


Thanks Ben! We are excited to make your Top 10 List!