SWYTCH IN THE NEWS – “Swytch to unveil 70% smaller, 50% lighter conversion kit” [pedelecs.co.uk]

“One of the key learning points from our 2017 launch was that offering the lowest possible price needs to be balanced with being able to offer customers the high standard of customer care and the reliable, fast delivery that many customers have come to expect from market leaders like Amazon.”

Published on 29 August 2019

Behold, The Swytch ECO – all the Swytch goodness in a smaller package. By upgrading the battery technology and developing a custom-made, super-compact motor control PCB, we have managed to fit the same technology into a 70% smaller pack. It’s now “hand-held” and will fit on your palm!

We’ll be showcasing the Swytch ECO at Eurobike this year. Come find us in the Startup section for a test ride.

Image Credits: James Robinson

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