Swytch in the News: “Cycling Life: eBikes” [cycletechreview.com]

“The Swytch setup is a simple and cheap way to get an eBike”

Published on 27 November, 2017

When we met with Paul Horta-Hopkins, Journalist for Cycle Tech Review, he was impressed with how simple it was for anyone to “Make the Swytch”. Not only is the Swytch eBike conversion kit easy to install, it’s WAY lighter than anything else on the market. With a hub motor 20% lighter than most, and all the electrics housed on our handy Swytch Power Pack, the full weight is just 3.9 kg.

What’s more, we did all this without even sacrificing on power! Pedalling with assistance will still get you up a 31.2% incline (steeper than the steepest hill in San Francisco) without breaking a sweat.

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