How to fit your kit

Congratulations on receiving your Swytch Kit!

The Swytch Kits were designed for everyone and are very easy to fit. Even if you do not enjoy too much DIY action, with the helpful guides on this page, you should be able to convert your bike quickly and easily into an eBike without complicated tools, expertise or control settings.

Your Kit has been pre-configured to your specifications. If you need to change any of your pre-configured settings please scroll to the bottom of this page to view more information.

See below a checklist which we suggest you start with before you start to convert your bike.

Download the Swytch Instruction Manual for detailed instructions.

Swytch HOW TO FIT Instruction Manual


The process can be summed up in four simple steps:


Fit the Motor Wheel

Motor cable on the left of the bike
Re-adjust the brakes if necessary


Fit the Pedal Sensor

Magnet disk on left of the bike, smooth side facing outwards
Mount sensor close to the magnets


Fit the Handlebar Mount

Tilt Mount 45° upwards when fitting the strap so it is in tension when horizontal


Connect and Go!

For more detailed instructions and checklists please download our PDF Instructions.


1 Check everything is there first!

Before starting, make sure everything is in the box that should be, and double check the parts match with your order – you can see comprehensive lists and images in the instruction manual downloadable here.

2 Check Safety Warnings to learn more about your Kit and how to care for it.

  • Fully charge before first use.

    After receiving your kit, before fitting to your bike or doing anything else, fully charge the Power Pack for 3 hours (25 Mile) or 6 hours (50 Mile). You can charge it with the charger provided.

  • Never leave on charge.

    The power pack is perfectly safe for home use, but the charger and battery will naturally heat up gradually when it is plugged in. Avoid leaving on charge for longer than necessary as extended periods left on charge lead to unnecessary over-heating of the battery and charger which can degrade the product and present a slightly increased safety risk.

  • Hear the “Click” when attaching the Power Pack to the Handlebar Mount.

    Make sure that the Power Pack clicks into place when attaching onto the handlebar mount. If you don’t hear the click, give it a firm push – the power pack must be fully pressed down on the mount to ensure correct operation.

  • Tighten up before riding.

    Whether it’s your first ride, or your hundredth ride, please ensure all nuts, screws and bolts are tight before taking off on the road. If for instance, the wheel nuts are loose this can present a small risk of the motor wheel coming loose during use. This also applies to you wheel spokes, check them regularly (every 100km) and tighten them back up if loose to ensure the wheel remains true.

3 Check out our overview Fitting Video to see a conversion being done.

The videos below give an overview of the conversion process. If you know your way around bikes you may prefer to crack on and follow the video to get up and running.


We have a basic overview video of one of our team members doing a conversion on film below. We also have an information video about the LCD Screen below and a downloadable PDF Controller Manual which covers all the technical aspects of your Power Pack LCD Controller Settings.





Swytch Control Manual



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