Specification – Performance, Dimensions, and Electronics

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The Swytch Kit performs at the same level as an eBike worth upwards of £2000! Allow us to elaborate:

Battery Range

Motor Power and Top Speed

Weight Bearing

Maximum Gradient

Steering and Efficiency


Our focus with the Swytch Bike was to make the whole system as light and easy to use as possible.


These values are for the weight of the ENTIRE conversion kit – power pack, motor, wires and all.


Power Pack: 270H x 150D x 250W millimetres
Shipping Box: 80cm x 60cm x 30cm

Original Kits:
25 mile: 4.5 kg
50 mile: 5.5 kg
Swytch ECO Kits:
25 mile: 3 kg
40 mile: 3.5 kg


The Swytch Kit has a variety of intelligent electrical/electronic features.

Swytch Power Pack Functions

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