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Give a friend a whopping 20% discount off a state-of-the-art Swytch Kit when they order via your referral link or code. For every referral order, earn £50 credit and access to fantastic rewards. The more you refer, the more credit and rewards you can get!



What can you get with your coupons combined? With every successful referral you get £50 store credit or one of the Referral Rewards below!




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How it works?


Your chosen friends will receive the following email from us, letting them know you have referred them to us. If they decide they would like to buy, once they have purchased you will receive an email confirming your £50.00 coupon code or email us to redeem your higher value reward! It is simple and easy to Refer A Friend, you can add an email or share via Facebook or Twitter. You can even refer a friend via WhatsApp on mobile!




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