25 Mile 36V 250W 16″ Brompton eBike conversion kit.

This is the only Brompton eBike kit that is safe and easy to install, and doesn’t alter your regular Brompton in any way. It can be easily attached or removed, and once installed gives you the same performance and range as the official Brompton eBike.

Unlike other eBike kits the Swytch Brompton kit has a narrow 74mm motor that drops straight into your front forks, meaning that you don’t have to file out the forks or widen them in any way.

We strongly advise you DO NOT use any other Brompton conversion kits that require fork widening, as this is a dangerous and irreversible process that makes the Brompton warranty completely void. Our Kit does not affect your warranty because it is perfectly designed to fit with your Brompton Frame.

Also available in 20″ wheel size for Dahon and other folding bikes as a Customer Order. Contact us for more information.

Electrical Spec Brushless DC 3-phase 6MOSFET sine wave controller with hall sensing for smooth control and acceleration. 12A Max output current, 7A rated current.
Mechanical Spec Internally geared motor with a freewheel mechanism to provide low-drag riding. 6:1 reduction ratio for high torque low-drag riding.
Spoke 36 silver spokes with double walled alloy rim
Wheel Types Front motor wheel 36V 250W All standard wheel sizes are available including 16, 20, 24, 26, 27.5, 28 inch and 29er 700C, in all standard rim widths (including fat tyre widths).
Axle The Swytch motor has a solid axle with 10mm diameter - it can be easily filed down to 8 or 9mm for quick release forks.
Brake Compatibility The Swytch 250W motor wheel is compatible with both rim brakes and disk brakes.
Brake Sensors The standard easy-fit brake sensors work with any wired brakes. If you have hydraulic brakes on your bike, you can purchase some Hydraulic brake sensors on our website.
Pedal Sensor The easy fit sensor shown in our product videos can be installed instantly and is compatible with most bicycles. See our accessories for more pedal sensor options.
Power Pack Fully waterproof design with taped seams and rubber socket for USB output. Custom designed and patented Swytch bracket with integrated sliding contact connectors. Provided with spacer rubber rings to enable compatibility with all handlebars sizes. On-Off button 5 level power assist Front light switch on-off 6kph walk mode.
Battery Spec 5Ah 180Wh Lithium-Ion battery with 20A BMS High quality LG branded 18650 Cells 2500mAh Charge time 3 hours. UK-EU-USA Charger included (based on delivery address) Expected lifetime: 800-1000 cycles expected lifetime (approximately 3 years)

Free Shipping to UK & EU.

$25 Flat rate for USA shipping.

Fixed rate based on location for other regions.

All Swytch Product hold a 1 Year Warranty as standard.

25 Mile Swytch Folding eBike Kit

We are sorry we are out of stock of this wheel size. Please return to our website or register your wheel size below by joining the wait list so that we can notify you as soon as your preferred option is in stock.

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Estimated Shipment February 2019