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Ride Further and Faster with the Swytch eBike Kit

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This image is from our original product launch video, where 100 supporters rode Swytch bikes to support our campaign
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Any Bike. Electric

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100% Waterproof

And when we say ANY bike...

It clips to your handlebars

The Swytch Power Pack (1)  fits to your handlebars via the Universal Handlebar Connector (2)

Swytch Power Pack
Handlebar Connector
The power is in the wheel

As you pedal, the Power Pack drives the 250W Front Hub Motor Wheel (3) which replaces your existing wheel.

Hub Motor Wheel
Easy-Fit Pedal Sensor
It’s pedal assist

Power kicks in when you pedal – thanks to the easy-fit Pedal Sensor (4) that installs easily where your pedals fit to the bike. Throttle control is available as an optional add-on.

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