How much range will I get on my eBike?

Whether you’re riding a Swytch eBike, or another eBike, finding the answer goes something like this:

The range you get when riding your eBike depends significantly on the following factors:

  • What is the capacity of the battery?
  • What power level are you riding with?
  • How much leg power are you adding yourself?


The Short Answer

Whatever the range quoted on your eBike is, you can generally expect to get that full range based on pedalling medium-hard (hard but not hard enough to sweat), with the eBike in medium power mode.

This is the case for the Swytch eBike kit. The 50 Mile system generally last 40-60 miles if you use it on medium power, and pedal a decent amount but not enough to make you sweat.

The Long Answer

The long answer is that we can’t really tell you exactly how much range you’ll get in miles, as there are so many factors to consider.

However, we CAN tell you your range in hours.

If you have a 250Wh battery, and you use it at full power (250W) then it will last for about 1 hour.

The Swytch 50 mile range kit has a 360Wh battery, this means that at max power it will last for about 1.5 hours. If you’re travelling at 15mph then this will get you a full range of 20-25 miles.

If you use the kit at half power, and pedal as well, then you can still maintain a speed of 15mph, but it will last for 3 hours. Therefore you will get a range of about 45-50 miles.


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