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This FAQ is for all of our original customers who ordered one of the first ever Swytch kits by pre-order

We have had over 2,000 units ordered since launching, and we have produced most of them in two batches of production. Here is the guide to work out which batch you are in:

Indiegogo Orders before 15 December = Batch 1 (there are a few exceptions, e.g. special requirements and complete eBikes were delayed to Batch 2)

Indiegogo Orders after 15 December = Batch 2.

Website Orders before July 2018 = Batch 2

Website Orders After August 2018 = Batch 3

You can double check this by logging into your Account;

  • Indiegogo customers should login to Backerkit
  • Website customers should login to your account here on the website

To Check your latest delivery estimate please check your emails for the latest delivery update .

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