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No space for the sensor

If there isn’t enough space between the magnet disk and sensor, remove the plastic hinge part and mount the pedal sensor directly to the frame using the cable ties provided.

No space for the magnet disk

The Pedal Sensor works with most bicycle types. The easiest installation is to fit the magnet disk to the axle. This requires a 5mm gap between the frame and the pedal crank for the magnet disk to fit.

Some bikes have a gap too small for the magnet disk to fit.

If this is the case, it is possible to fit the magnet disk over the base of the crank arm instead. To do this you may need to trim the length of the magnet disk teeth to fit your bike. Be careful not to cut them too short.

Then fit the PAS Magnet Disk as normal.


Alternatively, if there still isn’t enough space for your magnet disk, you can make further adjustments to fit it directly to your pedal crank arm. These are the steps to take:

1. Trim the inside of the magnet disk. A pair of side cutters or wire cutters does the job well. Keep the interlocking alignment tabs intact, do not cut these off entirely.

2. The size of the trimmed hole should be big enough to fit around the bearings of your crank with room to spare. 45mm diameter should be enough for this.

3. Attach the Magnet Disk directly to the crank arm using a cable tie. Make sure that the magnet disk is centred around the axle. Test this by turning the pedals and checking if the magnets turn in a line.

4. To make sure the magnet disk is assembled straight, add a small rubber spacer (like a piece of inner tube) between the disk and the crank arm.

5. Make sure that the cable tie is mounted tightly so that it doesn’t hit the sensor as the pedals turn. Slide the cable tie latch to the side so that it doesn’t catch on your ankles as you pedal.

Example of a rubber spacer made from a piece of inner tube. The thickness of the spacer will depend on the shape of your specific pedal.

If this doesn’t work, you may also need a different pedal sensor type – we have alternative options available so please contact us. If all else fails, you can use a throttle instead of the PAS.

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