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How much range will I get?

How far can I go?

The short answer to this, is that with hilly terrain, without pedalling and an old heavy bike you won’t go very far even with a motor and battery.

However, if you put a motor and battery on an efficient bicycle, then you could go 50 miles or more without breaking a sweat. Increase your pedal power and mechanical input and you could easily go 50 miles without too much effort.

There are so many variables that determine range, that it is not straightforward to answer the question “how much range will I get”? At least, not if you want the answer in miles. However, as we will explain, it is very easy  to tell you your range in hours.

We can’t really tell you your precise range in miles…

We can’t really tell you how exactly how much range in miles you will get, because it depends so much on the bike you put the kit on, the type of terrain you are cycling on, and how much you pedal.

BUT! We can tell you the range in hours

What is easy to tell you, is for how long in time will you be able to run the motor for. That’s simple and just depends on your battery capacity.

 The physics behind eBike range

A 250W motor at 36V draws about 8A or current. So that means that in one hour it will use 8 amp-hours (Ah) of charge. So an 8Ah battery will last you for one hour.

Similarly if you use it at half power (4A) then it will last you for 2 hours.

“A 250W motor draws about 8A of current at max power, so an 8Ah battery will last you 1 hour.”

So if you put that on a really efficient bike and pedal lots, then you will go far. But if you put it on a old, heavy bike and don’t pedal, you ain’t going very far…

We have put together a table below giving you indicative range in hours for the different battery capacities that we sell, at different power levels.


Battery capacity Range at full power (250W) Range at medium power (120W) Range at low power (50W)
5Ah 40 mins 1hr 20 mins 2 hours 40 mins
10Ah 1 hour 20 minutes 2 hours 40 minutes 5 hours 20 minutes

OK so you want an estimate in miles…

If you really want to be given a rough indication of how much range you will get, then OK, we can give you an estimate.

Let’s assume you are able to cruise at 15mph on average – we can convert the times above into rough distances.

Remember – if you are using the motor on low power, then you will need extra pedal power to keep up the average speed of 15mph!

Battery capacity Range at full power (8A) Range at medium power (4A) Range at low power (2A)
5Ah 10 miles 25  miles 35 miles
10Ah 18 miles 50 miles 80 miles

Other considerations

  • Weather: The temperature effects how much juice you get out of your battery. In cold climates you get less
  • Hills: Going up uses a LOT of energy, so adding in hills to your commute makes a big difference. (Unless you have regen braking, check out our blog here on the pros and cons of regen: Regen braking on eBikes  is it worth it?

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