How do I open the Power Pack to change the battery or check the connectors?

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  • Turn off the Power Pack by the battery switch (Power icon on top)
  • Fold the waterproof cover up and unzip the Power Pack bag

  • Open the bag. Note how the wires are arranged for when you reassemble the Power Pack.

  • Pull the battery out and rotate it around the side with the connectors. Rest the side of the battery on the surface and disconnect the 4 wires to the battery. If you’re switching battery, reconnect the new battery and reverse the process above.

  • This is the inside view of the Power Pack without the battery. The protective divider is attached to the sides of the power pack. The controller-battery (Blue) connector and controller-display (white) connector are routed around the side.

  • This is the inside view without the divider. The controller-light connector is on the top. There are three controller-PowerPack connectors on the bottom; 1 yellow power connector and 2 black data connectors. These three are tucked into the gap beside the controller. The controller is secured underneath the elastic strap.

  • This is how to visually inspect the connectors. The rows of electrical contacts should be neatly arranged at the same height and regularly spaced. If any contact is bent to the side or too low, there will be a connection problem. This can be easily repaired by bending the contact back with a pair of pliers or another small tool.

  • Pull back the heat shrink cover and visually check that all the wires are connected. Push the heat shrink back over the connector.

  • Also check that the connector is properly locked into place. If left unlocked, it may disconnect while riding.

  • To reassemble the Power Pack, follow the above instructions in reverse. Pay attention to the routing of the wires to allow for enough slack and not put any wires under strain.


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