The Simple Answer


We specifically designed the main electrical components of the Swytch Kit to be easily removable. The Swytch Power Pack consists of the battery and internal electric wiring – this is what holds most of the Kit’s value. Fun fact: we hold a patent pending on our Swytch Quick Connect Bracket which allows the Power Pack to be instantly removable!


We specifically designed the Swytch Power Pack not to lock in place for safety purposes. As mentioned, the Power Pack is what holds most of the monetary value of the Kit – closely followed by the motor. Electric bikes are notoriously known for being stolen, especially in bustling cities like London. You leave your expensive bike locked up for 2 minutes and it can be stolen before you know it. 

Adding electrical components to your bike only makes it more desirable and higher in value. So! We designed the Swytch Kit so you could lock up your bike and have the ability to take a large part of the expense with you. 

Clever, right?

What about the hub motor?

Of course, the hub motor adds desirability to your bike. However, without the rest of the Kit, your electric motor would be pretty useless. On top of this, you may have noticed that we have chosen a particularly small and discreet motor. One that looks very similar to that of a drum brake or charging mechanism for a dynamo light!

This was also an intentional part of our design. We wanted to make your Swytch bike was as unsuspecting as possible – keeping the element of making the ‘swytch’ between an eBike and a normal bike at the core of the Swytch Kit. These two design features are trying to achieve exactly that!