Swytch Kit Hits $1million In Sales!

It’s official – the Swytch Kit is the $1M funded world’s smallest and lightest eBike Kit!!

The Swytch Kit has achieved over $1million in sales just 30 days which reflects the growing demand for electric transport alternatives.

Swytch Technology’s vision is to make transport more sustainable and accessible to everyone. Converting existing bikes to eBikes using a kit is significantly more environmentally friendly than building complete new eBikes; we estimate the carbon footprint of building a brand new eBike is 300kg CO2e compared to just 40kg CO2e required to make one of their add-on electric bike kits.

The Swytch Kit will be available in stores from April 2020 with retail prices starting at £650 / $799. 

Oliver Montague, CEO of Swytch Technology said; “It has been a really exciting launch month, we are passionate about developing sustainable transport solutions that are fun to use. What is really interesting is that eBike technology is appealing to people of all ages and cycling abilities. We have seen older people purchasing the kit to help them reconnect with a sport they no longer thought they could enjoy,  as well as being extremely popular with commuters and your average bike fanatics. Electric Bike technology like ours is really disrupting the electric transport industry, people are loving the freedom of choice they have in what transport methods they want to use.”

Fastest Funded UK Startup Ever – $250k in 24 hours on Indiegogo!

It’s official – we are the fastest funded UK startup on Indiegogo with over $250,000 raised in just 24 hours.

An open letter to all our Indiegogo backers:

“To all our brand new Swytchers, and to those who have supported us for the second time having already Swytched with our last indiegogo campaign…

Thank you! You are awesome

“It’s an absolute game-changer for us to be have raised so much support in just 24 hours. This means we can now fulfill our mission to change the way people move. This funding is sufficient to significantly ramp up production of Swytch kits and make a serious impact on the carbon footprint of our transport network.”

“Furthermore, once other people see the new influx of Swytch kits on the roads, word will spread and we hope within a few years that there will be a significant shift in the number of people choosing to cycle further and faster, with electric assistance, instead of driving!”

SWYTCH IN THE NEWS – “Swytch to unveil 70% smaller, 50% lighter conversion kit” [pedelecs.co.uk]

“One of the key learning points from our 2017 launch was that offering the lowest possible price needs to be balanced with being able to offer customers the high standard of customer care and the reliable, fast delivery that many customers have come to expect from market leaders like Amazon.”

Published on 29 August 2019

Behold, The Swytch ECO – all the Swytch goodness in a smaller package. By upgrading the battery technology and developing a custom-made, super-compact motor control PCB, we have managed to fit the same technology into a 70% smaller pack. It’s now “hand-held” and will fit on your palm!

We’ll be showcasing the Swytch ECO at Eurobike this year. Come find us in the Startup section for a test ride.

Image Credits: James Robinson

Swytch in the News: “Cycling Life: eBikes” [cycletechreview.com]

“The Swytch setup is a simple and cheap way to get an eBike”

Published on 27 November, 2017

When we met with Paul Horta-Hopkins, Journalist for Cycle Tech Review, he was impressed with how simple it was for anyone to “Make the Swytch”. Not only is the Swytch eBike conversion kit easy to install, it’s WAY lighter than anything else on the market. With a hub motor 20% lighter than most, and all the electrics housed on our handy Swytch Power Pack, the full weight is just 3.9 kg.

What’s more, we did all this without even sacrificing on power! Pedalling with assistance will still get you up a 31.2% incline (steeper than the steepest hill in San Francisco) without breaking a sweat.

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