Swytch Technology Named on Startups 100 2020 lineup

The UK’s longest running index of disruptive new startups, the Startups 100, has released its 2020 lineup, and Swytch Technology has been listed at number 25.

Run by Startups.co.uk, the Startups 100 offers a showcase of new businesses which demonstrate innovation, solid financials, economic impact, and the ability to scale.

Swytch Technology produces the Swytch Kit which turns any bike into a state-of-the-art electric bike, for a fraction of the cost of a regular eBike. It consists of a lightweight hub motor wheel that replaces the original front wheel, and a power pack that fits to the handlebars. The total added weight is just 3kg, and the power pack fits into the palm of your hand, making this new system the smallest and lightest in the world. It provides 250W of power-assist for up to 50 km electric range, with a top speed of 15.5mph (EU) / 20mph (USA).

Swytch Technology’s vision is to make transport more sustainable and accessible to everyone. Converting existing bikes to eBikes using a kit is significantly more environmentally friendly than building complete new eBikes; Swytch estimates the carbon footprint of building a brand new eBike is 300kg CO2e compared to just 40kg CO2e required to make one of their add-on electric bike kits.


Oliver Montague, CEO of Swytch Technology said; “It is very exciting for Swytch Technology to be recognised as one of the leading Start Up’s in the UK. Electric Bike technology like ours is really disrupting the electric transport industry, people are loving the freedom of choice they have in what transport methods they want to use. We are looking forward to reaching new audiences and launching new technology in the foreseeable future.”



Swytch Technology makes longlist of 2020 Ashden Awards

“Today Ashden announces the longlist for the 2020 Ashden Awards. Each of these incredible organisations is a different puzzle piece in the global effort to tackle the climate crisis. We know we can only meet our ambitious climate targets by embracing a diverse range of solutions.

From food production to sustainable buildings, from energy access for refugees to greener cities, sustainable solutions exist for every aspect of our lives – we must do everything we can to help the organisations on our longlist reach more people.

Ashden CEO Harriet Lamb said: “As we begin the climate decade and build up to the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, now is the time to focus on proven climate solutions.

“The strength of these longlisted organisations is a slap in the face for delayers of climate action – those who say the answers to the crisis are untested, unpopular or impractical.

“We have highlighted 44 hugely promising organisations and projects, all ready to scale up or share – and many more excellent entrants narrowly failed to make the final longlist underlining the strength of current innovation.

“Despite the achievements of these pioneers, the climate crisis is deepening, with global emissions rising 0.6% from 2018 to 2019. Climate innovators are doing all they can, but they urgently need funding and political backing. The world is watching – investors and politicians must deliver.”


[Harriet Lamb, CEO Ashden]

Read the full article here

Published on 4th February

NEW ATLAS – “Top 10 most innovative cycling products of 2019”

“One of the great things about bicycles is the number of open-minded inventors they attract, who think, “Maybe it would work better if we did it this way …” The past year saw a bumper crop of the resulting products – here are our picks for the 10 most innovative.

[Written by Ben Coxworth, New Atlas]

Read the full article here

Published on 5th December

Ben Coxworth said about the Swytch Kit

“Instead of switching right over to a full-time electric bicycle, many people are now opting to just add an electric-assist setup to their existing bike when needed. The updated version of the Swytch Kit is claimed to be the lightest and smallest such system available.Like its predecessor, the new Swytch Kit consists of a 250-watt hub-motor-equipped front wheel that stays on the bike full-time, a handlebar-mounted docking station, and a battery/electronics-containing waterproof “power pack” – that pack quickly clicks in and out of the docking station, allowing users to rapidly switch between regular-bike and e-bike modes. As compared to the original model, however, this latest one is reportedly 70 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter.”


Thanks Ben! We are excited to make your Top 10 List!

THE GADGETEER – “Swytch Universal eBike Kit Review”

“Electric bikes are on the rise. I see all types around the bay area too; kid carriers, commuters, big bike brands, custom assembled and more. It makes perfect sense in dense cities where having a car may not be practical. But what if you already have a decent bicycle? Surely there’s a way to convert yours to an awesome electric-assisted commuter.

[Written by Alex Birch, the gadgeteer]

Read the full article here

Published on 4th November

Alex gave the following comments in his review

“I’m seriously impressed. Researching e-bike kits online leads you down some serious rabbit holes and building your own customized kit is not for the faint of heart. Swytch has succeeded in simplifying all of that into a kit that fits pretty much any bike with a handlebar. All the components are well made and the install is very manageable. A lot of the expense of an e-bike is in the battery and motor. A brand new e-bike at a bargain price has probably been de-spec’ed in all the standard bike parts. If you’ve been wanting an e-bike and already have a bike you like to ride, this is a great solution. Their Indiegogo campaign is almost 4000% funded and closes in a couple days.”


Thanks Alex! Great to see you love the Swytch Kit as much as we do!

FORBES – “Swytch eBike Kit Converts Your Janky Regular Bike Into An eBike”

“Enter Swytch, a do-it-yourself eBike kit that converts your Walmart discount bike into a functioning eBike at a mildly lower cost.

[Written by Curtis Silver, Forbes Magazine]

Read the full article here

Published on 29th October

“I purchased a $100 bike from Walmart. Then I handed both the bike and the Swytch to my 21 year-old son who doesn’t have a driver’s license and said “have at it”.

Tech specs vary depending on the bike, but he had no problem hooking up the battery, the throttle and pedal sensors. While the Swytch works with all kinds of brake options (including disc brakes, you’d just move the disc to the Swytch wheel), the Walmart bike has standard brakes. While he did admit he put the wheel on backwards at first, I won’t mention that here, again. The kit even comes with zip ties so you can secure dangling cables.”

Curtis’ 21 year-old son gave us the following feedback:

  • The motor is very quiet with little to no noise on an empty street.
  • The throttle is very responsive with the motorized wheel.
  • The wheel takes a second to get going when starting from a stand still as well as with the wheel already in motion.
  • As a mode of transportation for around the city it’s very nice, just don’t run the throttle the entire time as it will drain the battery very quickly.

DIGITAL TRENDS – “Compact Swytch Kit converts any bike to an e-bike for sustainable transport”

“the team has created the smallest and lightest e-Bike system that is possible with today’s technology.

[Digital Trends]

Read the full article here

Published on 20th October

Bruce wrote how e-Bike Kits are helping to create more sustainable transport. That’s the very core of why we all at Swytch Technology do what we do. We passionately believe in developing new technology to get more people on bikes and less in their cars.

EXPERT REVIEWS – “Electric conversion for your Brompton Ludicrously Lightweight”

“Swytch’s Brompton conversion kit is ludicrously compact and light

Read the full article here    |        [Published on 14th October by expertreviews.co.uk]

We are delighted to have been awarded 4/5 stars by Expert Reviews, who just finished an in-depth review of our specialised kit for Brompton folding bikes. Jonathan Bray singled out the following highlights of our kit:

  • Amazingly lightweight
  • Simple to fit
  • Inexpensive compared with Brompton Electric

Jonathan noted a few areas for improvement – most importantly he commented that the control system cut off a bit sharply at 15mph, which is a good observation! Our high torque 40Nm motor is more powerful than most eBike motors, meaning that it gives high acceleration right up to the top speed of 15mph.

In contrast, other eBikes have weaker and weaker power as the speed increases, meaning that you don’t really notice when the power cuts out to comply with the law (eBikes must not be able to provide power when you are cycling faster than 15mph)

We’ve made note of this feedback and are working on some tweaks to the control system for our first batch of production so that the cut-off is more gradual and gives you a slight boost past 15mph the first time.

In summary, Jonathan said of our kit “Sure, it doesn’t quite have the polished feel as the Brompton Electric and it’s rough around the edges when it hits its 15.5mph assistance limit but, for the most part, this kit hits the mark. It’s very light, simple to fit to an existing Brompton and delivers more than enough power assistance.”

ELECTREK – “Swytch unveils ‘world’s smallest’ electric bike conversion kit”

“I’ve always been a fan of electric bicycle conversions. Heck, I even wrote the industry guidebook on the subject. But I haven’t seen a kit quite like Swytch before.”

[electrek – Micah Toll]

Read the full article here

Published on 9th October

Oliver and Dmitro first met Micah at Eurobike in September and they were both super excited to have a chat with him –  as he wrote the book on how to build a DIY eBike.

Micah took the Swytch eBike Kit for a test at Eurobike.. even though we had to stay and look after the stand, it was great fun to watch him whizz past!

A Swytch eBike Kit is now with Micah to test around the streets of Tel Aviv.. we are super excited about getting his feedback. Who better to get an opinion from than the industry expert who wrote the book?!

SWYTCH IN THE NEWS – “Three inventions that can change the way we cycle for ever” [Telegraph Online]

 “Three inventions that can change the way we cycle for ever

[The Telegraph – James O’Malley]

Read the full article here

Published on 30th August

“Cycling is an easy and effective way to contribute towards a zero-carbon future…”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Swytch Technology is honoured to have been selected a for the prestigious OVO Energy Innovation Bursary for contribution to cycling technology.

It was a pleasure to meet the other companies competing in this event – all seeking to increase the uptake of cycling through developing new technology.

The OVO energy Innovator awards consisted of a wide range of workshops, seminars and networking bringing like-minded invididuals together to tackle the key barriers to cycling which are:

  • Accessibility
  • Safety
  • Weather

Swytch decided to focus on Accesibility – by making regular bikes electric we enable all generations and all demographics to have better access to cycling as a primary mode of transport.

“Cycling is the ultimate mode of transport,” says Adrian Letts, CEO

And we totally agree! We were excited to see the huge level of interest in our demo session, demonstrating to all participants the benefit of electric assist.

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