How much range will I get on my eBike?

Whether you’re riding a Swytch eBike, or another eBike, finding the answer goes something like this:

The range you get when riding your eBike depends significantly on the following factors:

  • What is the capacity of the battery?
  • What power level are you riding with?
  • How much leg power are you adding yourself?


The Short Answer

Whatever the range quoted on your eBike is, you can generally expect to get that full range based on pedalling medium-hard (hard but not hard enough to sweat), with the eBike in medium power mode.

This is the case for the Swytch eBike kit. The 50 Mile system generally last 40-60 miles if you use it on medium power, and pedal a decent amount but not enough to make you sweat.

The Long Answer

The long answer is that we can’t really tell you exactly how much range you’ll get in miles, as there are so many factors to consider.

However, we CAN tell you your range in hours.

If you have a 250Wh battery, and you use it at full power (250W) then it will last for about 1 hour.

The Swytch 50 mile range kit has a 360Wh battery, this means that at max power it will last for about 1.5 hours. If you’re travelling at 15mph then this will get you a full range of 20-25 miles.

If you use the kit at half power, and pedal as well, then you can still maintain a speed of 15mph, but it will last for 3 hours. Therefore you will get a range of about 45-50 miles.


What is the top speed?

The top speed of the Swytch Kit varies depending on the product you order, and the region you are in.

The 500W Kit has a speed limit of 30mph.
Both the 250W Universal and 250W Brompton Kits have a speed limit of 15mph for UK customers, 25km/h for European customers, and 20mph for US customers. We change the speed limit by editing the software installed in the power pack right after the manufacturing process is complete.

What Is My Wheel Size?

This is the most common question we get asked – so here’s a handy FAQ post to help you be absolutely sure of your wheel size before you buy.

Quick Note: The most common wheel sizes are 26″ and 28″ , we offer these sizes as standard. If you have a different wheel size, you need to order the “custom build” option.

Option 1: Ask where you got it from

If you bought the bike online:

If you bought it recently and the bike details are still online where you got it, e.g. from then just go find the link and check the specifications.

There will be a “specifications” section, and inside the specs table there is usually information on the specific Wheel Size

If you bought the bike from a shop

Why not just call up or visit the shop where you got it and ask them to tell you?

Option 2: Check yourself on the Tyre Markings

Most bikes tell you the wheel size right there on the tyre.
Below is a summary of the most common tyre sizes and what markings to look for:


28″ Wheels

28″ | 29er | 622 | 700C = If you have any of these markings then your tyre is 28″/700C

26″ Wheels

26″ | 559 | 650C = If you have any of these markings then your tyre is 26″

Option 3: Ask Us!

Why not send us some photos of your bike? Or even better send a link to where you got it from and/or the name and model. We’ll be happy to help check what the wheel size is for you.

Just email

Option 4: Measure the Rim Diameter

Measuring the metal rim diameter of the bike wheel is the best way to determine the specific size of the wheel

Note, the diameter of the bicycle rim is NOT the same as what the wheel is called. E.g. if you have a 26″ bike wheel, the measurement 26″ relates to the outer diameter of the tyre, not the rim.

This image below summarises different common rim diameter measurements and what wheel size they correspond to:

Remember the name of the wheel size = tyre diameter

Remember when measuring, it’s the diameter of the TYRE that matches to the wheel size name, as shown in the image below:

Bike Enthusiasts – read this:

If you’re a bike enthusiast you’ll notice we’ve simplified things ever-so-slightly to make it easy for people that aren’t familiar with bikes to check their wheel size.

If you want to talk details, then we recommend first you refer to this detailed wheel size guide and tell us which exact wheel you have based on this:

Will it fit my bike?

There are 3 types of Swytch Kits: Universal, Brompton, and Rear Wheel. 95% of all bikes on the market can be fitted with at least one of these Kits – if you’d like to find out which kit will fit best on your bike, don’t hesitate to email us at Let us know your bike model, send us a couple pictures, and our support team will guide you through picking the ideal Swytch Kit for your bicycle.

It doesn’t matter how peculiar your bike is – the Swytch Kit even works on a Penny Farthing!
So long as your bike has 9.5 cm of space at the centre of your handlebars, you should have no trouble with Making The Swytch.
Nevertheless, there are 2 key features that are not compatible with the Swytch Kit: Hub brakes, and through axles.
Other than that, our conversion kit is pretty versatile.

Do you sell my wheel size?

We supply 28″, 26″, and 16″ wheels in bulk, as these are the most common wheel sizes. For other sizes between 14″ and 29″ (24″ to 29″ for the High Power Kit), we’ll build you a bespoke wheel fitted with our hub motor. This costs a little extra to pay our great engineers, but on the plus side we can make your wheel in a couple extra colours to blend in with your bike!

Check out our “What is my wheel size?” post in the tech blog for assistance in deducing the wheel size on your bike.

What Brakes does it work with?
The Swytch Kit is fully compatible with cable, hydraulic, and disc brakes.
It is not compatible with hub brakes, as this space is taken up by our hub motor.

The hub motor on the Swytch Kit will take up the space usually occupied by a dynamo, so hub dynamos are not compatible with the Swytch Kit. But don’t worry, so long as you are willing to lost the dynamo, the Swytch Kit will still work with your bike as normal.

Using a Dynamo to power your lights? No problem! Purchase any battery powered light with a USB charger, and you can plug your light directly into the Swytch Power Pack.

Folding Bikes
The most common questions regarding The Swytch Kit and folding bikes are:

Will my bike still fold with the Swytch Kit?
Yes! If you’re mounting the power pack on your handlebars, you will need to detach it, but so long as you’re clever with where you secure the wires, your bike will fold with ease! If you need help, you can book a whatsapp video call with us. Email to arrange your booking.
If you have a Brompton, you can now attach your handlebar bracket in the Brompton Bag position, which means the power pack can remain attached when folding!

Will it fit on my Brompton Handlebars?
Yes! S, M, P, H, T-bar, you name it. All Brompton handlebars have got the necessary space in the centre for the Swytch handlebar bracket to fit nicely. Over 1000 Brompton customers have already Made The Swytch, so we know what we’re talking about!

Will it fit on my Dahon or Tern?

Dahons and Terns have 74mm dropout widths (same as Brompton), and 20″ wheels.

Order our Brompton Kit with the “custom wheel build option”, and we’ll be able to supply you with a bespoke 20″ motor wheel to go on your bike.

Weird Bikes
Got a recumbent bike? A tandem? Something weirder? We’ll have a section on this soon, but for now get in touch with us at and we’ll show you how you can Make The Swytch.

Specification – Performance, Dimensions, and Electronics

Hey there! We’re still working on this page as part of our new site release. If you have any questions left unanswered please contact us at!


The Swytch Kit performs at the same level as an eBike worth upwards of £2000! Allow us to elaborate:

Battery Range

Motor Power and Top Speed

Weight Bearing

Maximum Gradient

Steering and Efficiency


Our focus with the Swytch Bike was to make the whole system as light and easy to use as possible.


These values are for the weight of the ENTIRE conversion kit – power pack, motor, wires and all.


Power Pack: 270H x 150D x 250W millimetres
Shipping Box: 80cm x 60cm x 30cm

Original Kits:
25 mile: 4.5 kg
50 mile: 5.5 kg
Swytch ECO Kits:
25 mile: 3 kg
40 mile: 3.5 kg


The Swytch Kit has a variety of intelligent electrical/electronic features.

Swytch Power Pack Functions

Does the power pack lock in place?

The Simple Answer is no. We specifically designed the main electrical components of the Swytch Kit to be easily removable. The Swytch Power Pack consists of the battery and internal electric wiring – this is what holds most of the Kit’s value.

When the power pack is removed, your bike will look and function like a normal bike, and so will not be as susceptible to theft.

We advise you take off your power pack and carry it with you when locking your bike up outside.