ELECTREK – “Swytch unveils ‘world’s smallest’ electric bike conversion kit”

"I’ve always been a fan of electric bicycle conversions. Heck, I even wrote the industry guidebook on the subject. But I haven't seen a kit quite like Swytch before."

[electrek - Micah Toll]

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Published on 9th OctoberOliver and Dmitro first met Micah at Eurobike in September and they were both super excited to have a chat with him -  as he wrote the book on how to build a DIY eBike.

Micah took the Swytch eBike Kit for a test at Eurobike.. even though we had to stay and look after the stand, it was great fun to watch him whizz past!

A Swytch eBike Kit is now with Micah to test around the streets of Tel Aviv.. we are super excited about getting his feedback. Who better to get an opinion from than the industry expert who wrote the book?!

Written by @alex on October 9, 2019


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