SWYTCH IN THE NEWS – “Electric conversion for your Brompton Ludicrously Lightweight”

“Swytch’s Brompton conversion kit is ludicrously compact and light

Read the full article here    |        [Published on 14th October by expertreviews.co.uk]

We are delighted to have been awarded 4/5 stars by Expert Reviews, who just finished an in-depth review of our specialised kit for Brompton folding bikes. Jonathan Bray singled out the following highlights of our kit:

  • Amazingly lightweight
  • Simple to fit
  • Inexpensive compared with Brompton Electric

Jonathan noted a few areas for improvement – most importantly he commented that the control system cut off a bit sharply at 15mph, which is a good observation! Our high torque 40Nm motor is more powerful than most eBike motors, meaning that it gives high acceleration right up to the top speed of 15mph.

In contrast, other eBikes have weaker and weaker power as the speed increases, meaning that you don’t really notice when the power cuts out to comply with the law (eBikes must not be able to provide power when you are cycling faster than 15mph)

We’ve made note of this feedback and are working on some tweaks to the control system for our first batch of production so that the cut-off is more gradual and gives you a slight boost past 15mph the first time.

In summary, Jonathan said of our kit “Sure, it doesn’t quite have the polished feel as the Brompton Electric and it’s rough around the edges when it hits its 15.5mph assistance limit but, for the most part, this kit hits the mark. It’s very light, simple to fit to an existing Brompton and delivers more than enough power assistance.”

Fastest Funded UK Startup Ever – $250k in 24 hours on Indiegogo!

It’s official – we are the fastest funded UK startup on Indiegogo with over $250,000 raised in just 24 hours.

An open letter to all our Indiegogo backers:

“To all our brand new Swytchers, and to those who have supported us for the second time having already Swytched with our last indiegogo campaign…

Thank you! You are awesome

“It’s an absolute game-changer for us to be have raised so much support in just 24 hours. This means we can now fulfill our mission to change the way people move. This funding is sufficient to significantly ramp up production of Swytch kits and make a serious impact on the carbon footprint of our transport network.”

“Furthermore, once other people see the new influx of Swytch kits on the roads, word will spread and we hope within a few years that there will be a significant shift in the number of people choosing to cycle further and faster, with electric assistance, instead of driving!”

We have Launched: Live now on Indiegogo

It took 9 months of R&D but the new kit has now arrived

For everyone at Swytch, it’s been a long summer of product development and preparation for our new launch. The hardest part has been keeping the details of our new product a secret, but we can now reveal that it is the smallest and lightest eBike kit in the World. We really hope this new improved version of the product will make a big impact on the cycling and transport sector and make high quality eBike technology finally accessible to everybody.

Watch Our Full Crowd Funding Video

SWYTCH IN THE NEWS – “Hand-Held kit turns any bike electric” [DesignBoom]

“I can’t wait to buy one for my granddaughter and myself!!”

[DesignBoom – Kieron Marchese]

Read the full article here

Published on 6th September

The Swytch team was super excited to see our product get picked up in the press by major tech site DesignBoom.

The best bit about this article is the comments – over 300 people have shared or commented. And some of the comments are wonderful!

I can’t wait to buy one for my granddaughter and myself!” [Gary Rankin]

Awesome Gary! We can’t wait to see some cool photos of your Swytch bikes.

Alright! We’ll be looking out for it 🙂

I will be the first to order the kit” [Driss]

The Coolest Startups of Eurobike 2019

Once a year the whole cycling world turns its eye on Friedrichshafen Germany, for the largest international bike show. This year that eye has turned specifically to look at the world of Cycling Startups. For the first time ever an entire hall of the fair has been dedicated to the most innovative and disruptive Startup Tech from the world of bikes.

We made a fun video with the coolest startups there, hope you enjoy it!

PRAEP [Germany] https://www.praep.com/

OK so the idea here is do push-ups to become better at stunt riding and bmx? I mean that is a badass website so it must work…

What I want to know is how many push ups does it take before I can do a backflip?

Pocket Pedal [Iceland] https://pocketpedals.com/pages/about-pocket-pedals

The ultimate gadget for road cyclists – a flexible folding pedal adapter that fits in your pocket, and goes over your clip-on pedals turning them into regular pedals.

Convercyle [Germany] https://www.convercycle.com/

A very nifty bicycle that converts instantly into a long tail cargo bike and back again. Their crowd-funding campaign video includes some hilarious camera work making it look like the bike rides by itself.

Tocsen [Germany] https://www.tocsen.com/de

It calls if you crash. Nifty stick-on bluetooth device with advanced crash detection linked up to your phone and calls emergency services if you have a fall! Nice.

Calamus [Germany] https://calamusbikes.com/

Calamus claims to be the world’s first UltraBike with ultra-cool specs coming out of every joint.

Is it all smoke an mirrors though? The demos at their stand didn’t seem to work…

Let’s hope it is not a “Calamus-ity” for anyone who ordered one of these!

BikerTop [Italy] http://www.bikertop.com/en/

No more cycling jackets! This pull-up rain shield keeps you dry in whatever clothes you’re wearing.

Might be a bit sketchy when it’s windy but as long as it’s rain and no wind, cool!

The island man with the crazy amphibious vehicle

“It floats!” …. well if you say so

Ok so imagine you live alone on an island. You want to be able to drive across the lake and then over the fields to your local corner shop to get milk, and back again, all in the same vehicle… Well guess what your dream has just come true!

Now just to find a market of other like-minded island dwellers…

SWYTCH IN THE NEWS – “Three inventions that can change the way we cycle for ever” [Telegraph Online]

 “Three inventions that can change the way we cycle for ever

[The Telegraph – James O’Malley]

Read the full article here

Published on 30th August

“Cycling is an easy and effective way to contribute towards a zero-carbon future…”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Swytch Technology is honoured to have been selected a for the prestigious OVO Energy Innovation Bursary for contribution to cycling technology.

It was a pleasure to meet the other companies competing in this event – all seeking to increase the uptake of cycling through developing new technology.

The OVO energy Innovator awards consisted of a wide range of workshops, seminars and networking bringing like-minded invididuals together to tackle the key barriers to cycling which are:

  • Accessibility
  • Safety
  • Weather

Swytch decided to focus on Accesibility – by making regular bikes electric we enable all generations and all demographics to have better access to cycling as a primary mode of transport.

“Cycling is the ultimate mode of transport,” says Adrian Letts, CEO

And we totally agree! We were excited to see the huge level of interest in our demo session, demonstrating to all participants the benefit of electric assist.

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