Does the power pack lock in place?

The Simple Answer is no. We specifically designed the main electrical components of the Swytch Kit to be easily removable. The Swytch Power Pack consists of the battery and internal electric wiring – this is what holds most of the Kit’s value.

When the power pack is removed, your bike will look and function like a normal bike, and so will not be as susceptible to theft.

We advise you take off your power pack and carry it with you when locking your bike up outside.

Swytch in the News: “Swytch has electric bike conversion in the bag” []

“We’ve seen a number of kits that allow cyclists to temporarily turn their existing bike into an e-bike, by swapping one of its wheels with an electrified one. It’s a pretty simple solution, although the Swytch eBike Conversion Kit may be even simpler and easier yet.”

Published on November 14, 2017

You may have seen a few all-in-one electric conversion kits. Having all the components on the wheel makes converting your bike simple, but 7-9kg is a lot of extra revolving weight for whenever you don’t want the electric assist.

The Swytch Bike comes with a solution – mount all the electrics to the handlebars, and you can instantly remove 90% of the weight when you fancy going manual! What’s more, it’s way more healthy for your front fork.

Swytch in the News: “No matter the shape, turn any bicycle into an ebike with the Swytch kit” []

“What really sets the Swytch apart from competitors is its versatility. the startup has also launched a limited-edition range of custom electric bicycles. This includes a bamboo bike, a vintage street cruiser, and probably the first electric penny-farthing.

Published on 4 December 2017

Though it would be nice not to need a shower when you arrive at work, most cyclists think £2000+ is a lot to pay for that luxury. A shiny new eBike will certainly eat into your savings. Surely there’s another, budget-friendly, solution?

Enter the Swytch Bike: our lightweight, instantly removable, and much more affordable electric conversion kit. You already have the “Bike”, you just need the “e”! Turn the bike you love into a quality eBike at a quarter of the cost. From as little as £475, its a no-brainer to axe that shower from your morning commute.

SWYTCH IN THE NEWS – “The Swytch electric conversion kit can power any bicycle” []

“A box of tricks that works with any cycle”

Published on 07 February 2017

Much cheaper than any off-the-shelf electric bike, the Swytch kit is a cheap entrance into the electric bike market, long sought after by younger commuters. Indeed, despite the eBike industry growing by 1700% in the last ten years, it’s still the over 50s who make up the largest proportion of the market with 70% owning an electric bicycle.

The hefty price-tag seems to have put off most youngsters from considering an eBike lifestyle. But now, with prices starting at just £549, we hope that more commuters will Make the Swytch, and contemplate the possibility of a greener commute.

Swytch in the News: “Cycling Life: eBikes” []

“The Swytch setup is a simple and cheap way to get an eBike”

Published on 27 November, 2017

When we met with Paul Horta-Hopkins, Journalist for Cycle Tech Review, he was impressed with how simple it was for anyone to “Make the Swytch”. Not only is the Swytch eBike conversion kit easy to install, it’s WAY lighter than anything else on the market. With a hub motor 20% lighter than most, and all the electrics housed on our handy Swytch Power Pack, the full weight is just 3.9 kg.

What’s more, we did all this without even sacrificing on power! Pedalling with assistance will still get you up a 31.2% incline (steeper than the steepest hill in San Francisco) without breaking a sweat.

SWYTCH IN THE NEWS – “The Future Of Cycling? | The GCN Tech Show Ep. 2” []

“So, have you made the Swytch yet? As in, for your bike…

Published on 11 Jan 2018.

Versatile, and VERY light compared with its competitors, our Swytch Bike conversion kit will fit ANYTHING that remotely resembles a bicycle.

We roared past our $50,000 crowdfunding target in just 24 hours – the way things are going, we’re set to raise 10 times the money we originally hoped for!

Start at 30s for the Swytch Coverage!

Swytch in the News: “e-Bike conversion kit that smashed crowdfund goal in 24 hours to sell via bike shops” []

“How many of your customers flinch when you tell them the starting price of an electric bike? What if you could sell them an electric bike option for just £450”

Published on 21 November 2017

When our indiegogo campaign is complete, we will be selling direct to customers via our website. That said, we are also planning on bringing in dealers and stores to specialise in Swytch fittings.

Dealers will be able to sell the Swytch Kit with a 62% profit margin. The benefit here is that each customer will have somewhere to go for help with fitting and maintaining their Swytch Bike!

Swytch in the News: “Convert any existing bike into an eBike for just £225” []

“I’ve wanted to design a simple, inexpensive, and convenient to install and use e-bike system for several years now. I’ve gone through many prototypes and visited many suppliers and am now ready to launch what I believe is a ground-breaking product.”

Published on 20 November 2017

Everyone loves a fast downhill run – it’s the uphill beforehand that can be a nuisance. MBR thinks that the Swytch kit ” is an interesting concept” for longer trails and tricky uphill traverses when linking between mountain bike trails.

Although the front wheel drive and extra handlebar weight isn’t great for mountain bikes, we’re already making extra steps to facilitate the mountain bike community. With the High Power Conversion Kit, you can mount your motor to the rear wheel for better control on those rocky trails.

SWYTCH IN THE NEWS – “Tech Tent: Tencent and Electric Bikes” []

“Suddenly it’s becoming conventional wisdom that electric vehicles are the way forward … but could it be bicycles rather than cars which are electrified first?”

Read the full article here. Scroll down for Swytch Bike’s coverage.

Published on 24 November 2017

It seems that cycling might be the only dependable solution for the urban congestion and air pollution crisis. Many cities are backing the eBike movement, but the average cost is far from affordable.

Our CEO and Oxford Engineering Graduate, Oliver Montague met with BBC reporter Jat Gill to discuss his plan to bring the cost down: “Electric transport needs to become a lot more affordable – people don’t need Bluetooth on their electric bikes.”
From what we can see, it wont be long until the electric bike industry is on par with the motor industry. With the Swytch Bike in pole position, there’ll be no stopping the eBike revolution!

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